Are Fidget Spinners a Fad? - The Anatomy of a Trend

pokemon go vs. fidget spinners google trend graph

In 2016, Pokemon Go turned grown adults into virtual treasure hunters. Most of them were in fact, not on drugs. The app just happened to hit the right buttons along with being timed correctly for nostalgic millennials.

Fast forward 1 year later, and 4/5 Pokemon Go players have quit completely.

This is a perfect example of a fad - explosive growth followed by a steep decline in interest.

Will fidget spinners popularity start to decline? That's the question we're going to try to answer.

There are generally 4 stages to a fad.

1. Early Adopters - Fidget Spinners

example of hipsters

These are the hipsters learn about a product, app, or new dance move and can't shut their mouths about how they knew about it first.

The first commercial fidget spinners were released around June of 2016. The hipsters in this case were a lot people from the vaping & EDC (everyday carry) community.


2. Mainstream Media

By December of 2016, Forbes wrote an article on fidget spinners being the new desk toy. Other media outlets followed and tons of new companies were born, including Stealth Spinners.

What was a very niche toy started popping up in corner stores, walmart, and 7/11s all over the US. Kids were driving their teachers absolutely insane with the non-stop whirring of 20 fidget spinners. 

Every youtube influencer started making content including fidget spinners while racking up tons of affiliate money and 

3. People Do Unintelligent Things

woman sticks fidget spinner stuck in vagina

The media starts to turn on the trend after people start having accidents. Some Chinese manufacturers began cutting corners by using lead in their fidget spinners.

One girl who thankfully is ok, tried to clean her fidget spinner with her mouth and ended up swallowing a bearing.

Another child used an air compressor to spin the toy super fast and smashed himself in the face with it. That will definitely leave a mark.

For Pokemon Go, we read stories of people getting into accidents while walking because their eyes were glued to the phone.

There was even a fake news story about a woman who got a plastic fidget spinner stuck in her vagina.

All of a sudden, a simple toy becomes labelled as dangerous and paranoid parents using a mob mentality flock against a toy. That's where we are right now as of June 2017.

4. Bashing The Trend Becomes Cool

People like new and shiny things. When enough people get sick about every story on their news feed being about these little hand and finger spinner toys, they start to get mad.

Eventually this snow balls and hating on a trend becomes the new cool thing to do.

This is the inflection point - meaning - Either the haters will get enough steam and the trend will dye or it will stay in the mainstream.


yoyo example of a trend

Fidget Spinners are never going to go away completely. The Yoyo was invented in 500 BC and people still play with it today. It's a new category of toy that most definitely has it's place in alleviating stress, anxiety, and many other benefits.

It's still going to be the go to toy for this holiday season.

The world is too busy right now to do a formal study, but part of the reason I got into this industry was that fidget spinners have helped me immensely with my ADHD and focus.

If you're tired of crappy plastic spinners, check out the Aventador :)

It's our top rated fidget spinner.

All the best,

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