Our Best Affordable Fidget Spinners

If you ever felt stressed, tensed, bored, or, even angry and wanted to hold something in your hands; just about anything then there seems to be a perfect solution for you. Ever since Fidget Spinners invaded the internet and local stores, consumers can’t seem to get enough of them. But with anything good comes an equivalent price tag.

So just how deep can these “magical” relievers push us into our pockets? It’s probably not news to you that a spinner might cost as high as $500. But did you know a piece of the same could go for as low as less than $15? Well, at least not the literal “SAME” but somehow same. If you think I’m the joke of the century, then take a look at the below-listed ones.


EZ Grip Spinner        

Priced at only $10, the EZ Grip Spinner is one of the most affordable pieces available in the market; while being a very unique toy.

It's lightweight to ensure your fingers don’t get fatigued, but the ball bearing weights add something extra to the edges to increase spin time.

If you know someone with smaller hands then this would be perfect for them.

The EZ spins for around 180 – 240 seconds, way longer than your generic dollar store spinner.

Revolver Fidget Spinner

The Revolver leads at an estimated spin time of between 210 – 270 seconds as its EZ brother follows behind.

You can get it here

If you're spinning on a budget, these two options will definitely leave you satisfied.