How to Spin a Fidget Spinner

 Ok, there isn’t a bad way to spin a Fidget Spinner, rather there are best practices and easier ways. Like the sound of “faster and better?” 

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As a spinner, you have many options and ways to spin your fidget spinner.

The most obvious is which way it rotates - clockwise or counterclockwise.

Smaller Spinners may be easier to flick back and forth, unlike the larger ones that may require a two hands to spin.


#1 Flick Method      

Almost anyone can spin any spinner using the Flick technique. There isn’t much that goes into performing this other than gripping the spinner by the buttons on both sides using your index and thumb fingers.

Using your ring or middle finger, spin it forward with almost the tip of your finger doing the flipping and voila! You’re officially a spinner.

#2 Index Finger Flick Method

Smaller Spinners such as the Kepler Mini can be conveniently spun using this logic. Clasp the spinner by the buttons on both sides using the middle finger on one side and your thumb on the other.

Make gentle contact with the spinner below the nail on top of the end of the spinner.

Gently flick it forward using your forefinger.

#3 Snap Method

As the name states, you flip it backward this time round.

The best spinners for the snap spin are bar spinners like the B2 Fidget Spinner. In case you’re holding the spinner vertically to the ground, use your ring finger against the spinners’ body, giving you a perfect grasp; this, in turn, prevents it from leaning towards your body. Finally, whirl the spinner in a snapping motion.

#4 Index Finger Reverse Flick Method

This method of spinning a fidget spinner is the easiest of all the techniques. The names suggest that it’s a close relative of #2, only that the reverse is done in this case.

Just grasp the fidget spinner by the buttons using your thumb and middle finger.


Squeeze into button with your middle finger.

Drag your index finger in; being careful not to get into the way of the spin.

Watch the video above if you have any questions and happy spinning!