A Complete Guide To Fidget Spinner Bearings

Want to learn more about the different types of bearings for fidget spinners? You've come to the right place. Read on!

All fidget spinners contain a bearing and they range vastly in quality. As you dive deeper into this hobby, you'll want to know the basic information on Fidget Spinners to find out what the best bearings are.

Types of Bearings for Fidget Spinners

Steel / Metal:

Most of the high end fidget spinners will use metal bearings. They're much quieter and the spin times can be ridiculously long when combined with a heavy metal spinner. The bearing balls can be maid of chrome, stainless steel, or a variety of other metals. 

Stealth Spinners use high quality R188 bearings which are absolutely fantastic.


Ceramic bearings and generally louder and crunchier. They provide more vibration in the finger pads. In our experience, ceramic bearing fidget spinners aren't as high quality and the spin time is lower. Many of the cheap plastic starter spinners I purchased use ceramic bearings to try and seem special, but they just end up falling short.


These bearings will use ceramic ball bearings with a steel outer ring. They won't be as crunchy or loud as ceramic bearings. 

Setting Types Fidget Spinner Bearings

Open Style:

You'll be able to see the inside of the bearings with the balls. They are much easier to clean when necessary because of easy access to the bearing. Generally, the bearing will be protected with the finger pads. 

If your spinner doesn't have finger pads, then these can get dirty fast. Don't worry, both the Aventador and the B2 have sweet finger pads.

Sealed Bearing:

With this bearing type, the inside is totally inaccessible. The only benefit from this type of bearing is that it's protected from the outer elements. However, some of these spinners have grease or lubricant which don't help spin times. Most hobbyists use 90% Isopropyl alcohol materials in order remove the grease.

Shielded Bearing:

This type of bearing has a covering over the balls bearings. They're removable with a little bit of effort. The shield doesn't totally protect the bearings either so some dirty can get it.

Either way, it's not like the bearings are at risk of being destroyed or ruined by a little dirt. Most fidget spinners of them can be cleaned really easily. It's just part of the maintenance process.