How to Patina Finish Your Fidget Spinner

how to antique patina finish fidget spinner bronze blue


So you want your brand new Fidget Spinner to look old? Well, in the words of Mark Watney, we’re “gonna have to science the s@#t out of this!”

This video is for vapes, but it will work perfectly to patina a fidget spinner made of copper or brass. 

I really like fidget spinners. I really like bright, shiny, metal things. I really like to keep my bright, shiny, metal things looking as good as new, for as long as possible. So when I started seeing my fellow Facebook Spin Family at Spin Space showing off their favourite fidget toys looking like they’d been found on the bottom of the ocean last century, I wasn’t sure if I liked it or not.

What I was sure of though, is that I wanted to know more about how this patina finish was achieved and if it was something anyone could do. As it turns out there’s just as much art as there is science in this form of mod.

Below are the top resources that I found in my journey towards informational enlightenment. I’m still no expert but I can show you some great places to get started if this seems like your kind of thing!

As with most ‘How To’ questions I have, my first stop was the old faithful website, wikiHow. Here I discovered that speeding up the natural tarnish of metals was quite simple and sometimes verging on bazaar. I highly recommend checking out the below fountains-of-knowledge so you too can find out how to use a boiled egg to change the colour of copper. I’ve included links to a detailed walk through for adding a forced patina to brass, copper and metals in general.




patina brass fidget spinner

oxidize copper fidget spinner

patina metal fidget spinner

Being a visual person, I had to spend a few hours watching videos over at YouTube to satiate my curiosity. I must say I was not disappointed! Not only can you find a 1 minute instructional guide for any metal, but you can also find in-depth lessons in patination for adding dragon scale or fire and ice to your chosen metal Fidget Spinner.

So now you have the practical knowledge required to modify your EDC gear but, like me, you’re not satisfied until you understand the science behind a thing. Well our friends over at the Science Company have you covered there. If chemicals and reactions make you all fizzy-in-the-crotch, then check out this list of recipes for just about any patina colour you could imagine!


guide to patina fidget spinners

“Are we experts yet?” I hear you ask. Well no, no we are not. What I am though (and I have a feeling you might be too) is a bit of a new fan of this particular modification. As with most things, adding some understanding to a previously unknown subject, injects a sense of interest, leading to certain experimentation. Will I be rushing to use my favorite bare-metal spinners? Not yet, but I have a new found respect for those of you that have!