Starting a Toy Company for Fidget Spinners

Starting a Fidget Spinners Toy Company

Hi y'all!

Because this was my first post, I figured I'd introduce myself and share some things about myself. If you're an aspiring entrepreneur or just want to know more about why we started Stealth Spinners, read on!

My name is Max (part of team Stealth Spinners) and I'm a 30 something stylish geek and entrepreneur.

I've loved collectibles, toys, and gaming ever since I was around 5 years old. Baseball cards and pogs were my first passionate hobby. Name a card game or something nerdy and chances are I played or collected it at some point.

I started my first website in 1998 called The Beanie Universe. I would bike down to the local toy store (RIP) and buy as beanie babies as I could carry. Afterwards, I'd list them on my site and on the forums and net around $20 profit a piece.

Imagine the amount of chaos a 5th grader with a G ball in his wallet could cause... 

During high school, I worked at my Dad's toy factory and learned how things were actually made in the U.S. before most manufacturing operations moved to China.

At some point, I knew I wanted to create physical products that I actually love to use. 

I was introduced to Fidget Spinners through Facebook ads. Like most of you, I have a very active mind and personality so I fidget like a wriggling worm on a hook. Fidget spinners have helped me with my concentration.

Designing spinners has been the perfect outlet for my need to build something. I feel like every single person has this primal urge to create something cool.

Hope you love what we're doing here!