Top 5 Fidget Spinner Kickstarter Campaigns (Part 1)

Kickstarter Fidget Spinner meme


When I started writing this article I made the unfortunate mistake of typing the word Kickstarter and the word meme into my search bar. What ensued was hours of diving into rabbit holes filled with hilarity, despair, and just plain head scratching. Kickstarter is the place to go when you have an amazing idea for a product but no funds (that you are willing to risk) to pay to get it off the ground. At least that’s what I thought, until I started seeing successful brands offering a chance to buy their brand new product through Kickstarter as more of a pre-pre-order platform than a small-investor start-up platform.

If you’re into spinners at all you’ll probably recognize at least a few of the names in the elite group below which make up the Top 5 Successful Spinner Kickstarter Campaigns currently listed at

zero hour rebel fidget spinner kickstarter

1. ZEROHOUR REBEL: EDC Microlight Flashlight Fidget Spinner

Starting from the ground up, ZeroHour wanted to ‘put their own spin’ on the microlight range that they had become so well known for producing. After enjoying success with XD, Ignite and Relic XR modular tactical flashlights and the Apex tactical pen, creators Amy Truong and Aaron Son decided to expand their already legendary range of EDC (Every Day Carry) items to include a spinner. So what did ZeroHour focus on with the Rebel Micro Flashlight and fidget Spinner?

As a spinner, the Rebel is everything you’d want in a fidget device. There are loads of touch points and inticate surface details for your fingers to explore and the flickable factor is off the charts! We’re talking a full ceramic bearing in this sucker! If aesthetics are important to you then you’re in luck. Match the Rebel to all of your other EDC items with a choice of Matte Black Aluminium, Polished Titanium, and Sandblasted

titanium aluminum sandblasted zero hour rebel fidget spinner

So if the Rebel is such an amazing spinner it’s probably going to suffer in the flashlight department right? Nope! These button microlights do exactly what you’d expect. They are bright, they have a wide beam for flashlight or lantern style use, and they have a click-through cycle for Low, Medium, High, and also a strobe function.  Is it any wonder that ZeroHour managed to raise over $80, 000 for this project?

cheap 5 dollar fidget spinner kickstarter

2. Five Dollar Fidget Spinner

So how does a start-up get noticed in a market full of super expensive competitors? Easy! You do what Sean Hodgins did and promise the best bang for buck fidget spinner available. If you missed the gist of this one after reading the name of the campaign a few times, I’ll explain what we’re talking about here. It’s a spinner, and it costs $5. Well, it’s $6 if you’re from Sean’s home country of Canada, but as he states “the Six Dollar Fidget Spinner doesn’t sound as good.”

With an injected moulded plastic body and a steel bearing (with the option of a ceramic bearing for $2 more) the Trama is a solid option for those just getting into the hobby but don’t want to spend a full week’s wage to do it! With a total backing figure of over $70,000 we think that this idea might just take off!

copper cognito junior fidget spinner kickstarter

3. Cognito Jr | Fidget Spinner | by LMS Gear

What do you get when you take the super popular Cognito spinner from makers, Lingua Machining Solutions, and shrink it down? You got it! You get the Cognito Jr. With a massive choice of metals and finishes, the personalization potential of the Jr should keep even the most seasoned connoisseur happy.

At a modest 1-3/8” (35mm) the Jr is a neat little fidget spinner which will definitely satisfy your cravings without attracting too much attention. Housing a full ceramic 608 bearing should see you revving up some serious spin times. Although this project is still active at the time of writing, pledges have already reached over $50,000 and rising!

patina copper fidget spinner

We'll be back with #3.5, #4 and #5 in the next post!