Top 5 Fidget Spinner Kickstarter Campaigns (Part 2)

3.5 Cognito Fidget Toy | by LMS

If itā€™s attention you want, then then by all means grab the big brother! Iā€™m going to give a special mention here as a joint 3rd place holder to the original Cognito. At a slightly larger 2ā€ (51mm) the big guy managed to raise over $46,000 to bring this project to life.

alpha edc spinner multi toy kickstarter image

4. Alpha - EDC Spinner Fidget Multi Toy with Pocket Top

Targeting CEOs and entrepreneurs is the inspiration behind Revolve Makers Spinner and Pocket Top named simply, Alpha. Designing a focus toy that would be at home in any office situation has resulted in this machine grade, precision focus package. Coining the term multi-toy when designing the Alpha, the crew at Revolve embarked on a journey of functional beauty. Whether you use your Alpha as a hand spinner, a traditional top, or a gyroscopic battle top you are sure to stop playing with it occasionally just to admire the curves and fine details of the machined bronze.

With the hint of future product additions, enhancements, and special editions we can see this being a home run for the makers. Having raised over $30,000 we expect to see this EDC item on the desks of many a discerning CEO!

united mini small copper silver fidget spinner

5. United Mini Fidget Spinner

Breaking away from the traditional designs of the fidget spinner world led Dylan Polseno to flip the table and head straight back to a clean drawing board. The result? The United Mini Fidget Spinner! With a diameter of just 1ā€ (25mm) this is a truly pocket-able toy.

Available in high quality stainless Steel, brass, or copper with a choice of red, blue, or black buttons makes this little guy an EDCers dream. Match it to just about anything else you carry for a complimentary look to all of your regular bits and bobs.

Did we mention that the Mini gets 4+ minutes of spin time out of the box? Yup this is one serious little spinner! It seems many agree with us raising over $25,000 for the chance to own this compact work of art.