Why Buy A Fidget Spinner?

fidget spinner spinning on head demotivational poster meme

No doubt by now you’ve seen many a fidget spinner owner try to justify to curious (and oftentimes sceptical) newcomers to the world of fidget toys and every day carry items. Some explanations are beautifully eloquent and seem to wax lyrical about the joys of owning a piece of functional art. Some defend their collection with a challenge to the questioner’s ability to understand the hobby at a most basic and fundamental level.


What can’t be questioned is that the fidget spinner fits all the criteria which has seen it elevated to the lofty heights of phenomenon-hood. Let’s look at what has drawn a huge chunk of the population to purchase a fidget spinner and whether these reasons might just convince you to enter the fray!

Reasons To Buy A Fidget Spinner

I’ll get the objective stuff out of the way first. Science shows us through repeatable studies that fidgeting, when compared to not fidgeting, is physically good for us. Whether by increasing blood flow or encouraging higher caloric burn rates, fidgeting in any form is incidental movement of the body in an otherwise sedentary state.


Psychologically fidgeting has been shown to reduce stress and allow for a calmer more receptive mind. Those of us with concentration or attention deficit issues might find fidgeting a powerful tool in controlling our wandering mind.

Best Fidget Spinner Collector Communities

Now we get to the realm of the collector. If you own a fidget spinner there’s a good chance that you’re a part of a community such as Spin Space over at Facebook or the Reddit- Fidget Spinner group. The sense of achievement and enjoyment that community members get from attaining their ‘grail’ spinner in the presence of their peers is the ultimate satisfaction.


Collecting can be as personal or as public as you like, but the serious collector elevates the status of a humble toy into a pursuit of happiness! Loot Crate style spinner subscriptions like Spinner Box have made collecting an attainable feat for the budget restrained collector, or just those who value a diverse and ever-growing, high-quality collection.

Time To Start Collecting!

There’s no doubt that the fidget spinner has captured the hearts of a growing majority. The tactile manipulation of a finely crafted piece of engineered art is a sensory joy which needs to be experienced to be properly understood.


If you own a spinner you’ve seen the look on your friends face when they spin that cold metal for the first time.  If you don’t yet own a spinner? I can only suggest that you find one that fits your budget and see if it fits that spinner-shaped hole in your life that you didn’t even know you had.