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As someone who's dealt with ADHD since childhood, I know the pains of fidgeting all too well. My elementary school report cards would constantly read "Max has difficulty sitting still and often disrupts the class. In addition, he has a terrible bowl cut that distracts other students." 

Although I grew into a studly man with enough money to get a proper hair cut, my struggles with focusing continued into adulthood. That all started to change this year.

I was introduced to this miraculous spinning toy touted to help ADHD, fidgeting, stress, anxiety, and Autism early in 2017. Skepticism quickly faded into delight after the first spin and I've been a huge fanboy ever since.

Once I tried a metal fidget spinner, I realized how special of a product this was. The ability to collect aluminum, brass, copper, stainless steel, and titanium metals reminded me of the joys of childhood. Got to collect them all!


stealth spinners battlestation

Here's a picture of my battlestation - The tiny screen in the middle is actually 30"

Why Buy A Fidget Spinner?

Fidget spinners have helped me concentrate and get more projects done effectively. After using one for awhile, I actually felt incomplete when working without one.

Even my friends started to notice my improved focus and less fidgety behavior. 

The effectiveness of this amazing toy is a huge reason why we've been able to rapidly develop so many products in such a short time span.

It's a product you and I are passionate about because it works at increasing mental stamina, focus, and it's tons of fun to play with.

Plus, women dig guys who make fidget spinners.

Just kidding - still single. #foreveralone

My dating failures aside, our goal at Stealth Spinners is pretty simple.

We strive everyday to inject bold and daring design into the fidget spinner space at affordable price points. 

On our site you'll find a combination of original high end Stealth creations along with some lower end options that are still excellent quality.

All Stealth designs are thoughtfully made by our talented team, inspired by the craftsmanship and elegant lines of your favorite super cars, airplanes, and bada** military vehicles.

Metal Fidget Spinner Manufacturing

Our spinners are manufactured in China & the Philippines using top of the line precision multi-axis CNC machines. We use the EXACT same super expensive milling machines as manufacturers located in the US or the UK, without the ridiculous markup.

The quality of our products is amazing and our reviews are testament to this.

We make sure to perform rigid quality control on every batch. I've personally tested bearings from over 8 different manufacturers to find something silky smooth.

If I don't like it, we won't sell it. It's that simple.

Personal Customer Service

Making sure you are 100% satisfied is paramount to me. I currently handle all of the customer service personally and it's been a blast to interact with you all.

To those of you who have helped spread our brand on Reddit, Facebook, and to friends in real life, I can't thank you enough. You're the reason why we exist!

If you're still a stranger, I encourage you to add me on Facebook, even if it's just to say what's up!

I look forward to having you as fan and friend :)

All the best,