Reddit Drama

Hey All!

The mods are discussing allowing us to create a new account. *Fingers Crossed*

The Stealth Spinners & Spinner Box account did NOT get suspended for shill posting. 

Stealth Spinners isn't my only business and our office has quite a few people. Most of these fine folks work for my other companies.

Occasionally, I'll ask those who have reddit accounts to check out a post about us. It's their decision if they want to upvote or not.

Right now, Stealth is my youngest venture so I pay close attention to every single post and mention. Everyone in the office is crazy about spinners now. it's great!

The Reddit Admins saw the upvoting particularly of this post all from our office IP address and made their decision without giving me much of a chance to respond.

I can promise you 100% that we weren't shill posting.

Here's the cause of the posts in my estimation:

In my email signature, I put the following:

When you interact personally with dozens of people everyday via messenger, phone, & email, people are eager to help you out. Providing epic customer service has always been paramount. 

Unfortunately, many of them were new to reddit so their posts appeared spammy.

On the contrary, I was trying to show the mods which awesome fans were linked to certain posts that didn't contain a lot of content.

Hopefully it will all be cleared up soon.

It's like a mini nightmare not being able to respond on the subreddit, especially when you're innocent.

I have faith the mods will make the right decision.

All the best,